Teen Huddle

 Join a group of motivated, caring, unique teens making a real difference in the autism community.


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Huddle:  A huddle is an action of a team gathering together to be strategic, motivate or celebrate.  Commonly the leader of the huddle is the team captain and it is the captain who will try to inspire his fellow team members to achieve success.

A Desire to Make A Difference

Have you ever wondered, how can I make a difference?  That is what happened with two incredible individuals had a vision, a desire to make a difference.

2011, Kirsten Overgaard attended the first Hope For Three annual luncheon and decided to make a difference by organizing a car wash to raise money and awareness.  At the same time, a young man, Joseph Buckle, was experiencing what life was like having a sibling on the autism spectrum.  Joseph wanted to make difference by offering a sibling support group for those who have brothers or sisters with autism.  The two ideas came together and the H43 Teen Huddle was formed.  In a few short months, the Huddle grew to 20 teens from 6 area high schools.  The Huddle’s mission: “Increase autism awareness and acceptance among teens”.

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