Family Assistance

Family Assistance, Quick Assist, Swim Safety Courses, and Respite Assist Applications

*As of April 1, 2022, all applicants will be directed to JotForm  to complete applications*

Through our Family Assistance and Resource Support programs (FARS), we provide financial aid to qualified families with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum exceptionality in Fort Bend County, Texas. We also provide resources and referrals to anyone, anywhere!

Our newest project to impact families is funding for Respite; stay tuned for updates!

Please CLICK HERE to access all applications.

Applicants may also scan the following QR code:

JotForm is a HIPAA Compliant PC, and mobile phone compatible platform.

To protect your individual’s identifiable health information, please submit all electronic applications via the Jotform application. However, electronic submissions can also be emailed to contact@hopeforthree.org

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your application.



If you have not received a reply/confirmation within two business days, please follow up by phone at 281-245-0640 or email.