About Us

“Once you choose HOPE, anything’s possible”.   – Christopher Reeve

Hope For Three is a 501c3 local nonprofit focusing solely on autism and no other disability. Established in 2011 the organization has two primary focus areas: 1) creating awareness through outreach, education, and events; 2) providing resources and financial support exclusively to families with children on the autism spectrum.

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States affecting 1 in 45 children. Over 3,000 children diagnosed on the autism spectrum are enrolled in Fort Bend County public schools. Hope For Three is the only non-profit in the Greater Houston area to focus solely on autism. Additionally, we are the only non-profit in the Fort Bend County area to provide financial assistance.

Through our Family Resources program we provide assistance (financial aid) for autism related expenses to children that may be uninsured or under insured. Although we provide resources to anyone anywhere, we only provide financial assistance to clients in Fort Bend County. This is due in part that a portion of our funding is derived from foundation support and funds are requested to stay in the community. In short, Hope For Three bridges the gap between providers and families so we can connect children to the care and support they deserve at the earliest stage of life possible.

We have made great strides in raising autism awareness in the Fort Bend Community. Going on our fifth annual effort and Family Fun Day, “Strike Out” Autism awareness event, impacts not only the community, but also our volunteers and supporters.

Additionally Hope For Three formed a Teen Huddle derived from our “It’s Cool to Care” program; an awareness campaign introduced into the Fort Bend County public schools to educate and empower young people to learn about other young people with unique abilities – autism. These are just a few examples of how Hope For Three is making a difference for families that may be quickly losing hope.

But most importantly, to date, we have provided help and created hope for more than 900 families; families with children who might otherwise go without life-changing treatments or therapies due to the high cost or lack of coverage, or simply not knowing how to obtain access to services.