Toby Ibrahim

Meet Toby Ibrahim, Hope For Three’s March Autism All-Star! At age four, Toby was diagnosed with autism. Now at age eight, Toby is improving his language and social skills to connect with his older brother Maxwell and other children. Toby and Maxwell enjoy riding their scooters together; he also loves the trampoline, park and church. […]

Mandi Fought

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our March Autism Superhero, Mandi Fought! Mandi was a Special Education teacher; after retiring from teaching, she worked at the Food Pantry at East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry, as a Manager. Mandi retired in December 2022 to help parents, grandparents, and students better understand autism. After suffering […]

Holly Martinez

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our February Autism Superhero, Holly Martinez! Holly is a Special Education teacher at Fort Bend ISD. Since the beginning of her career, Holly knew she wanted to work with students who exhibited behavioral and communication challenges. Holly believes in the power of teamwork and how important it is […]

Cecilia (Cece) Voytek

Meet Cece Voytek, Hope For Three’s February Autism All-Star! Cece, who will turn 12 this month, is a healthy, happy girl living with her doting granny, Jerre. At three years old, when she aged out of Early Childhood Intervention, Cece was officially diagnosed with autism and ID at TCH Meyer Center. Now, she attends sixth […]

Giovanna Martinez

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our January Autism Superhero, Giovanna Martinez! Giovanna is a Special Education teacher at Fort Bend ISD. She strives to take the time to learn about her students to show them how she cares about them and provides the best learning experience according to their needs. Giovanna always wanted […]

Austyn Airhart

Meet Austyn Airhart, Hope For Three’s January Autism All-Star! Austyn is a funny, joyful, and easygoing boy who likes to collect Sonic the Hedgehog plushies and action figures. Austyn was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age seven, and last summer, Austyn experienced a few severe seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Austyn, age 11, […]

Claudia Diaz

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our December Autism Superhero, Claudia Diaz! Claudia and her husband, Chris, have one son, Alejandro, age 10, who enjoys books and practices jiu-jitsu with his dad. Claudia’s journey has been a balancing act between hers and Alejandro’s many medical issues. Claudia is a cancer survivor; she was diagnosed […]

Kais Khan

Meet Kais Khan, Hope For Three’s December Autism All-Star! At just two and one-half years old Kais was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Now at age six, through hard work, Kais continues to show great improvement in his communication skills and behavior, making his family very proud. Kais and her sister Ava, age 8, are […]

Rachael Bradley

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our November Autism Superhero, Rachael Bradley! Rachael and her husband, Mike, have two sons, Landon, age XXX and Emmett, age xxx. Spending time together and meeting the individual needs of each son is something these dedicated parents strive for every day. Movie nights, board games, and playing outside […]

Landon Bradley

Meet 14-year-old Landon Bradley, Hope For Three’s November Autism All-Star. Landon is very friendly and loves when people say “Hi” to him. He loves to play jokes on people, collect small objects, and go hiking. The beach is his favorite place to be. Landon lives with his parents, Mike and Rachael, and his younger brother […]

Jillian Hahn

We are proud to introduce our October Autism All-Star, 18-year-old Jillian Hahn! Jillian graduated high school in May 2022, proving to beat all obstacles in her path. Hurdles, including continuing her education and the very disorienting loud noises and bright lights accompanying walking the stage to graduate. Jillian is headstrong and gives everything she does […]

Autism is Expensive

A study conducted in 2020 found that “the average per capita cost of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is $3,566,881” (The lifetime social cost of autism: 1990-2029). Investopedia performed a research study of their own and found that raising a child without ASD in the United States in 2022 from the time they are born to […]

Respite care

Autism Speaks defines respite care as, “short-term care for a child or adult that allows the primary caregiver relief.” Respite care can be rewarding, needed, and highly beneficial to those caring for loved ones with autism. The key is using Respite Care in ways that benefit your family, your time, and your mental health. For […]

Tyler Kinser

Hope For Three is so proud of our July Autism All-Star, Tyler Kinser! Tyler is a 22 year-old Avondale House graduate! After 9 years, Tyler was presented with his high school diploma in May of 2022. Tyler’s diploma a symbol of the hard work, dedication, and patience required of him. Noticing Tyler’s differences after 17 […]

The Importance of Parents Finding Relaxation

Parents take on several tasks every single day: scheduling, routines, doctor’s appointments, meals, homework, school, practices, and so much more. For many families around the globe, an autism diagnosis makes that list even longer. Rather than spending time planning family vacations for the summer, most parents of children with autism are preparing themselves and their […]

The Role of Siblings to Autistic People

For families beginning the autism journey with a new autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, parents may ask, “What does this mean for my family?” Or, “What does this mean for my other children?” The critical thing to remember is that you are not alone. Many families wonder how their other children, older or younger, will process […]

Melody Joy DiPasca

Hope For Three is honored to announce our June autism All-Star, Melody Joy DiPasca. Melody is a hardworking mother and advocate of two handsome little boys. When her youngest son, Gio, was diagnosed with autism, she knew her life would change but was unsure how. Since her family’s journey with autism, Melody embraced the difficult […]

The Role of Parents and Caregivers to an Autistic Child

For every child, the role of a parent/caregiver goes further than the word “caregiver.” It means advocator, supporter, friend, comforter, protector, and more. For a child that needs assistance communicating their wants and needs, the role of a parent/caregiver becomes essential to their mental and physical growth. So how can a parent adequately be a […]

Transition for a Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Life after High School

Every day we continue in life is another day to learn something new, create a new goal, or build relationships. As children and adults grow in their understanding of the world around them, they are learning. For those with autism, learning life skills is crucial for development and transition into life after school. A high […]

Addison Ciszewski (Age 10)

Hope For Three is proud to announce our May Autism All-Star, 10-year-old Addison “Addi” Ciszewski! Addi was described as “vivacious” by the medical staff when she was born and has lived up to that adjective ever since! She shines brightest outdoors, surrounded by nature, her dog, bubbles, the pool, and hopefully some frogs! Addison loves […]

Cookie Joe

Hope For Three is proud to announce our May Autism Superhero, Cookie Joe! Cookie is a longtime friend and motivator for Hope For Three and our community. Cookie took her passion for dance and helping others to a whole new level when she opened Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School 40 years ago: bringing passion, love, and […]

Grant Maniér Update

Hope For Three is honored to announce our second-time nominated April Autism All-Star, Grant Maniér. Locally known as Jigsaw Grant, the co-author, award-winning Eco-artist, and special needs advocate has been making strides in his social life, academic, and professional life. Grant’s artistic abilities began at a young age; loving to draw, paint, and express himself. […]

The Importance of Inclusion

The Center for Disease Control describes disability inclusion as “understanding the relationship between the way people function and how they participate in society and making sure everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to their best abilities and desires.” Most children, from a young age, are taught to include everyone […]

Julie Coy

In honor of April Autism Awareness Month, Hope For Three is thrilled to announce our humble, yet powerful Autism SuperHero! Julie Coy has published a beautiful statement below, and kindly allowed Hope For Three to share her story and her powers! “Raising my autistic son, Grant Maniér, for 26 years paved my life-path into the […]