Autism Superheroes

Giovanna Martinez

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our January Autism Superhero, Giovanna Martinez!

Giovanna is a Special Education teacher at Fort Bend ISD. She strives to take the time to learn about her students to show them how she cares about them and provides the best learning experience according to their needs.

Giovanna always wanted to work with children. Her journey began as an assistant to specialists, providing in-home speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children ages 0 to 3. Later, Giovanna started working in community centers, teaching children ages 4 to 6 while their parents attended parenting classes.

Giovanna’s superpower is to create a loving and comfortable learning environment for her students where they feel safe to express their emotions. Her dedication to her students’ emotional well-being and academic growth positively impacts her students and community. These many gifts make Giovanna an Autism Superhero. Thank you for all you do!

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