Crisis Intervention Training

The Crisis Intervention Training program focuses on training local law enforcement professionals and first responders to recognize and respond effectively to hostile situations that may have a child on the autism spectrum involved. The goal is to minimize situations of risk and victimization for individuals living with autism.


Autism is a broad-spectrum neurological disorder that causes the brain to process information differently, but it is not a mental or psychological disorder. Autism is a social and communication disorder affecting how a person communicates and relates to others and their environment. Positive developments can take place when the law enforcement and autism communities collaborate to share information that helps police officers better understand the behavior of people they encounter in field situations, and helps children and adults with autism to become equipped to identify, understand and react appropriately with police.

If you would like to schedule Crisis Intervention Training in your area, please contact Darla Farmer at 281-245-0643 or .



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