Safe Return

A child diagnosed with autism is more likely to wander and is more at risk with being stopped by the police because of that behavior. Darla Farmer, Founder of Hope For Three saw a need to assist families and law enforcement with tracking and recovering missing individuals on the spectrum. When Darla brought her concerns to Doug Brinkley, Chief of Police at Sugar Land Police Department, he came up with the perfect solution; The Safe Return Program!

The Safe Return Program was created by the Sugar Land Police department in efforts to assist police officers who encounter individuals within the special needs community. Registering with the police departments with The Safe Return Program allows first responders to have access to critical information designed to help safely reunite families of registered participants.” The registry is free and voluntary, but the form must be sent annually.

Eligibility includes:

Participant or guardian is a resident of Sugar Land.
Participant attends school within the Sugar Land Police Department jurisdiction
Participant may be unable to communicate basic personal information due to a diagnosed medical disorder.
Participant is prone to wander away or runaway from guardians, residence or school due to a diagnosed medical disorder.
Guardians voluntarily submit a completed application and photo with all required medical information.
To learn more about Safe Return or begin registering, click HERE