Amber’s Story

Amber Black

Cultivate Harmony for the Autistic Journey

Personal achievement…. Exercising the expression of the energy behind what the label of autism is my premise.  Explained in such a way and exemplified through the mind, body, and spirit.

Through the journey of my soul and aspects of my life I am grateful to take the opportunity to share my life and how it has looked for me.  It is my purpose to share the tools and system I have come to know in the process of my health and well-being living with autism.  My platform envisions an outreach system expanding the extension in providing support in as many ways to those whom have autism and those whom have lives touched by autism. Through the evolution of being unique to self and purpose, transformation, change, finding harmony and balance as an autistic and cultivating the aspect of all that this encompasses is individual specific and creatively determined to each being can be a maze that is challenged in the design of the soul that needs acknowledgement to flourish.

I have found a way to identify with what I identify as a labyrinth of aspects that make up the design of the entirety of my world…  It is my honor to intend service among the autistic community in the endeavor of my path living with autism, how it has been, how it is, and how I want to create it to come to be through sharing inspiration in the endeavor to bring forth love, compassion, clarity, understanding, hope, support resources, and a system to enable shaping positivity in the lives for others living on the spectrum.amber 08-2011 32

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