Dr. Dent’s Story

Dr. Dent’s Story

Ethan was born March 5, 2004. During his delivery he aspirated fluid and had to be placed in NICU. After 2 weeks in the hospital we got to take him home. For the next 4 weeks we noticed Ethan wasn’t eating much, wasn’t growing, and finally one night we heard him gasping for air.

We rushed him to the hospital and after a series of tests and 2 sleepless nights we were told he was in kidney failure and secondary congestive heart failure due to a blood clot that was caused by the umbilical catheter that was used for the 2 weeks in NICU.

For 6 months we were worried if our little boy would live or die. He pulled through and his heart corrected itself but he did lose the function of his right kidney. Ethan grew and developed like any normal child. He had verbal skills, eye contact, and normal motor functions. At 15 months we brought Ethan in for his routine new baby vaccines. He received the combo vaccines. The very next day he came down with Bells Palsy. For 4 weeks the right side of his face was paralyzed. Once the Bells Palsy went away so did Ethan’s language and his eye contact. He still loved to be held but you could sense he was in a fog. We brought him to pediatricians who just told us don’t worry he is just delayed and he will grow out of it.

By age 3 he was still non verbal so we took him to be evaluated. Ethan was diagnosed with PDD nos. We were devastated. From that moment I began researching how to cure my sons autism. We spent the next 3 years in full time ABA therapy as well as seeing every holistic doctor and natural medicine specialist we could find. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent trying to figure out what happened to our sweet boy. With the help of the ABA Ethan began speaking again and his growth and development started to catch up. At 3yrs old he had an IQ of 46 because of his non verbal communication and a CARS score of 34. By age 5 he was at an IQ of 116 and a CARS score of 27. Our hope that maybe he could have a normal life was fueled.

Now at age 9, Ethan is a happy, young boy who is becoming more self reliant every day. We home school him to help focus his education not to book tests but to what we hope will give him the life skills needed to have a productive and happy life. There was a time when Ethan’s disability was a handicap to everyone in our family cause we just avoided going anywhere in fear that Ethan would act out. Now we go everywhere we can. Some days are better than others but we have refused to allow Autism to dictate how we will live our lives and especially how we will let Ethan live his.

– Dr. Jacob Dent, DDS

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