From Lauren

From Lauren

I want to share with you what a huge blessing it has been to have received assistance from Hope for Three. My husband and I were struggling to pay for part-time ABA therapy and oftentimes had to ask family members for help. We knew that we would need a full-time option after PPCD ended for the summer, which meant our price would double. Around this time, our son Landon began to make incredible progress in the ABA program, so we decided to try to continue with the full-time option as long as we possibly could. We sold one of our vehicles, but still had a hard time meeting our monthly payments. The Family Assistance award covered half of our bill until our deductible was met, meaning we didn’t have to struggle financially or worry that our son would lose his spot in the treatment center that we had worked so hard for.

Mrs. Farmer has also been an invaluable source of information for me, helping me with insurance questions and giving me ideas to promote Landon’s progress at home. I am very glad that I applied for this grant and had the opportunity to allow one more prayer to be answered. My family and I all thank you so much for helping us. Mike and I now know ways to appropriately teach, redirect, and encourage our son. Landon’s receptive skills have improved tenfold and he knows how to independently perform many life skills and demands. We are forever grateful and hope that others have the chance to focus on what’s important, all thanks to the support from Hope for Three.


Yours Truly,

Lauren R.

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