Gerald Pears

Gerald Pears

1) How does it feel to be a dad with a child diagnosed with Autism?

Having two boys diagnosed with Autism brings about different opportunities each day, for growth and learning. I have to approach each day, by first praying, thanking God for all his blessings, and to ask for the strength to endure. With that said, God has truly blessed me with two wonderful sons.

My sons keep me inspired and motivated to be the best I can be daily. Never once have my boys complained about their clothes, shoes or anything I give them. Their ability to accept things has really taught me a valuable lesson, that my focus and concern should be prioritized by seek only things that bring glory to God, and not me.

2) What advice would you give another father, who is living with a child on the spectrum?

Acceptance is the hardest hurdle to cross. As for me, it took me some time to accept that my children had a learning difference or disability that would require me to support them daily. I would advise other fathers to pray and or seek support from significant people in their lives. Moreover, accept the challenge that has been placed on you with the attitude that you will overcome and persevere. Be sure to make your child feel accepted and loved for who he is. Let him or her know that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

3) Please share with the community what it is like being a dad with a kiddo diagnosed with Autism.

I feel special, as my boys have taught me so much. I have learned that I cannot heal my children. I cannot snap my fingers and things get better. Instead, I have to lean more on the good lord, to help me daily. I have been taught how to be more patient, how to see things from different perspectives, and celebrate all accomplishments, regardless of how large or small. However, I am convinced that my boys are already healed of Autism, and we are just awaiting the deliverance from God.

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