Kevin’s Parents

Kevin’s Parents

We are lucky to have a lot of wonderful people like Hope for Three standing at our side, providing help and showing hope to us. Thanks for the financial support from Hope for Three, our son – Kevin now has the chance to receive a systematic and thorough ABA therapy. After working with our BCBA, Mrs. Brianne Downing, for a couple months, Kevin has shown significant improvement on social and behavioral issues, even though they still need quite more work. One example is that his behaviors at school and in the classes have been improved since then. His teachers note that he is now doing much better in maintaining self-control than before. That is awesome! And, he is also learning to accept others’ choices, to take turns in games and share with others, and so on. These demonstrate his improvement in social skills. Furthermore, Kevin has made a huge progress on self-feeding. Now, he can eat by himself during dinner. We used to take more than an hour to feed him before. This has saved a lot of our time in evening for his homework and other tasks while still going to bed on time. Before that, we could not guarantee this. We are so glad to see Kevin become more and more independent. One of our goals is that he will be able to take care of himself one day. These changes give us hope

Raising a kid with special needs is a huge challenge to any parents, not only physically, mentally but also financially. Kevin has speech delay, and demonstrates many behavioral issues at home and at school. These often make us, his teachers, other students and himself very frustrated. Because of his behavioral issues, e.g. not following directions, could not stay on tasks, repetitive vocalization and easily melt down, these made other therapy like speech therapy and occupational therapy was not very effective. Our school district’s special education service is very limited and we could not get any special service from it. Our insurance company also doesn’t cover the behavioral intervention therapy like ABA. Due to the financial constraint, the cost of ABA therapy is a huge burden on us. We are hardly to find an appropriate ABA therapist within our budget for Kevin. This situation made us headache every day.


That is no language that we can describe our gratitude to Hope for Three. Again, Thank you, Hope for Three! The grant helps us see the better future of Kevin!

-Kevin’s parents, Guoning Chen & Rui Lu

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