Ruben Monroe

Ruben Monroe

1) How does it feel to be a dad with a child diagnosed with Autism?

I don’t “feel” any different just because Cole has Autism and his sisters don’t. He is still my son and I love him. He makes me happy and I support him on whatever he wants to do.

2) What advice would you give another father, who is living with a child on the spectrum?

Don’t expect him/her to be the way you want them to be whether it is competing In a sport or whatever you may have done that you have hopes that they would follow In your footsteps, they won’t. Just be happy with who they are.

3) Please share with the community what it is like being a dad with a kiddo diagnosed with Autism.

My son and I have a great relationship. We have similar interests (video games, and cars,) which we both enjoy taking part in with each other. It took some time, but I understand my son and it makes me smile every time he wishes me good morning and tells me good night, or says something totally unexpected, but appropriate, (I’m sure we all know what I am talking about). He’s come a long way and I couldn’t be any prouder of him than I am now.

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